Here are the coins that actually have users and revenue, sorted from most to least. Keep in mind that for some coins, there aren’t 100% accurate numbers.

  1. Bitcoin, 20 million users, no revenue
  2. Ethereum, 50 million users, no revenue
  3. BNB, 20 million users$1B revenue
  4. BAT, 10 million MAUS, $10M revenue
  5. NEXO, 300,000 users$50M revenue
  6. Vechain ? users, possibly $10M revenue
  7. THETA 1M users, $20M revenue
  8. DENT 24M users, possibly $1M revenue
  9. ENJ 20M users, possibly $1M revenue
  10. Presearch, 1.4M users, $1M revenue
  11. Cryptodotcom 1M users, possibly $1M revenue
  12. Chiliz 50,000 users, $1M revenue
  13. Maker, 500,000 users, $500,000 revenue

That was it. Apart from those coins, there are no coins that have more than 1M users or $1M revenue. 

What altcoin projects in the top 100 coins will rise to the top 10 in 2020?

I only see 4 cryptocurrencies in the top 100 right now that could move to the top 10 within the next year.

This list is sorted from highest to lowest approximate likelihoods:

  1. NEXO (60% likelihood)
    Nexo has a total of 300,000 total users, $500M (!) in loans given out and $57M in annual revenue (see graphic above).

    With so much money going through NEXO, I don’t see any reason why they would not be at the same market cap as BNB next year.
  2. BAT (50%)
    BAT’S Brave browser is currently doing more downloads per month than Chrome, the most used browser worldwide! Soon, Brave could become the number one browser worldwide. 

    As for the business side, we can see even stronger growth. BAT has grown their publishers and BAT holders by 5x over the last 3 months.
  3. VET (40%)
    VET just closed a Fortune 1 company recently, Walmart, to use their product. This made their transaction volume explode and this makes it the biggest partnership in crypto ever achieved. [4]

    Furthermore, they just announced that they will buy back $25M worth of VET. VET is simply extremely strong.
  4. IOTA (30%)
    Once IOTA releases their new consensus algorithm Shimmer, they will be 10,000x more scalable, decentralized, energy-efficient than most blockchains. This will probably happen this year. 

    At that point, they will be so far ahead of anyone else, only HOLO could potentially hold a candle to them.

However, apart from those 4, I don’t see any other coins possibly moving into the top 10, except for maybe the first 5 from the following list with coins that aren’t so likely to move into the top 10 anytime soon.

This list is also sorted by likelihood to get into the top 10 from most to least.

  1. THETA (20% likelihood), because they have already 1M users, that’s a good foundation for getting into the top 10. However, they would probably need 10M users to get into the top 10.
  2. ENJ (20%), because while ENJ is very cool, they have to show A LOT to get into the top 10. 

    ENJIN is currently already on 78M Samsung Galaxy 10 phones and possibly on 100M by the end of the year, though they currently only have 100,000 downloads on Samsung Knox.

    If they want to get into the top 10, they would need to one up this.
  3. HOLO (18%), because while HOLO has very promising technology, they face fierce competition with other blockchains that already have many more partnerships
  4. RVN (15%), because while Ravencoin is cool and has some traction with 20,000 decentralized assets issued, they would need 100x that to get into the top 10.
  5. ZIL (14%), because they also have good technology, but before ZIL moves into the Top 10, QKC would do that, since QKC has better tech than ZIL. However, ZIL has more partnerships, so they could move into the top10 if they really, really capitalize on those partnerships.
  6. NEO (11%), because NEO is the most centralized blockchain. Maybe they will show some interesting new technology with NEO 3.0, but until then, we remain skeptical.
  7. ADA (8%), because they are just a regular PoS blockchain, but there are many blockchains that are already much more decentralized and scalable than ADA (Elastos, QKC, ZIL).
  8. XLM (2%), because XLM is a worse version of XRP with worse technology and much less adoption/partnerships.
  9. TRX (-5%), because TRX is one of the most centralized blockchains
  10. Dash, Decred, LISK, ARK, ARDR, DGB, Aeternity, Status, WTC, Beam, Aelf, Grin, WAX, Elastos, Stratis, Komodo because while they aren’t too bad, they have zero marketing and hype going on
  11. Ethereum classic, because they have 1/100th of the adoption of ETH
  12. TEZOS, because while they are decentralized, they can only scale to 300 TPS
  13. Chainlink, because Chainlink has nothing but centralized Oracles after 2 years of development and only a mention on a blog post from Google.
  14. Dogecoin, because while Dogecoin is cool, it doesn’t have the tech or hype behind it
  15. NEM, Bitshares, Bytecoin, Verge, Bitcoin Diamond because they are dead

There are some more undervalued coins outside the Top100, DENT, QKC, IOST, FunFair, WPR, POWR, Edgeless, POE, and Optimal Shelf, but their potential is probably only enough to break into the Top 25.

From an investment perspective, the 4 listed above have the biggest potential for returns.

P.S. Probably tomorrow, we will also have Nexo in my portfolio on EmberFund, which you can buy for yourself and which is updated every time I make a change to my portfolio.


I just checked and Monero is currently in the #10 spot with a market cap of 1.29 billion. Holo (HOT) currently has a market cap of about 113–114 million. So, a 10–11x increase would get them to the market cap of the coin in the #10 position curretly. I think this is easily doable once the holoports ship and people start actually putting hApps out there and linking websites and projects of all varieties.. many of which have already been developed/started and or envisioned. In fact, I personally think HOT’s market cap can increase many more times by the end of 2020. This is one of those projects that could truly revolutionize the world… every commercial industry… every imaginable non-commercial use (voting? other governmental stuff? co-ops of various sorts including energy? academic projects? hobbies? crowd sourced data collection? all sorts of non-profit stuff? activism?). I also personally predict we’ll see utility coins, lots of them, built on Holochain… and some of the ones built on ethereum may eventually switch or develop an additional coin on Holochain. We may even see holoports in space :-)

Of course, the coins in the top 10 currently can also grow their market cap.. but even so I think HOT will overtake many of them by a long shot. I personally think Holo/Hot can fairly easily leapfrog over pretty much every one between 10–50, except possibly IOTA. I personally think HOT and IOTA will both be in the top 10 and will compete in some ways but not in others…. there’s room for both. Given the real world potential for Vechain (but they do have competitors), I’d put them in contention, as well as Zilliqa. The best of the best utility tokens like potentially BAT and Enjin have at least a shot imo at the lower end of top 10 or top 20… but imo, it’s the “network” coins that have the best chance…. I don’t know about coins like nexo…. I can see a competitor potentially springing up on holo or Zil for example and just growing fast and furious and overtaking them… the first successful project is not always the winner… otherwise, we’d all be browsing the net with Mozilla and using Webcrawler/Lycos, right? But then, nexo could put a coin on holochain.. or build a hApp may be the right way to think about it. Lastly, I believe that most of the coins in the top 10 currently should not be there, period, and will no longer be there by the end of 2020.

This is all my personal opinion only — NOT investment advice. Always, always, always do your own research and think long and hard before you put any money into a project… and do a gut check. Further, I don’t think this is just about investing… it’s about which of these projects are going to change the world for the better! The market cap growth will follow that.

Addendum: I thought of one more important point. The coins that get listed on Binance US will have a YUGE advantage I believe…. massive. So, if Binance US comes out this month (or soon), and the coins they are considering are all included, that will include Holo (HOT), IOTA, Vechain, Zilliqa, BAT, and Enjin that I discussed above. Raven is also on that list. I think Theta was too but not sure. Not sure about nexo…. too lazy to find that link at the moment.


Cardano (ADA)

Cardano ranks in the top 25 cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization. Compared to many other altcoins, Cardano had a very quiet and unassuming entry into the cryptocurrency market with a long-running ICO that ended in January 2017. It maintained a low price for most of the year before it got lively in November 2017, with another strong surge in value a month later in December. At this point in time, Cardano has registered double digit gains in the past year and has hit new highs in the past two months. The coin is in the buy zone based on the 200-day SMA and the best time to buy ADA is projected to be now through the end of 2019.

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Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is one of the first cryptocurrencies to become popular after Bitcoin, and according to many crypto enthusiasts, one of the hottest cryptocurrencies of the decade. A fork of Bitcoin, with some technical changes to the source code, Litecoin is definitely one of the most popular altcoins on the market and one to have in your portfolio. Its mission is to be a global, P2P currency. Litecoin has high liquidity and a large market cap; more reliable to hold with less risk compared to other tokens with small market caps and communities. Since its halving, Litecoin has been trading at a much lower price compared to the beginning of 2019. It may be the best time to buy Litecoin before the next altseason.




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