This time I thought it would be much better if I split my top 2020 crypto into three parts: Conservative picks, Balanced and Aggressive.

Each of these parts represents a ratio between potential risk to the potential reward. So I highly encourage you to keep this in mind while picking coins for your portfolio from this list.

Conservative picks:

BTC - with the upcoming reward halving in May 2020, slow exhaustion of bear momentum, rising volume, and eventually new people in crypto - BTC will be the hottest crypto to buy in 2020. The king will still be there in 2020.

A bigger part of your portfolio for Bitcoin is highly recommended.

ETH - I see two reasons for ETH to grow in 2020.

They are ETH 2.0 and Increasing demand for DeFi products. Needless to say that ETH has become #2 currency for transactions after the BTC and will only strengthen its positions further with the upcoming 2.0 upgrade.

BNB - Binance is the top crypto exchange in the world.

It has the best liquidity, best software, and top marketing talents onboard. I see Binance can easily break into trillion-worth companies in the next 5-10 years.

With BNB token, you can get cut on your trading fees. This is a massive advantage for those who trade 100 BTC+. Once Binance receives tokens back, they set some for the token burn event. Guess what happens next.

Now the "Balanced" part:

These coins have a chance to overcome conservative in terms of profit, but at the same time, they have a slightly bigger chance to fail.

NEXO - This coin is an absolute beast when it comes to company profits. 50m annual revenue is not something every crypto project can brag about.

The thing here is that NEXO is valued at only a 50m market cap, which is nothing for a thoroughly audited, revenue-generating, successful crypto company.

But the sweetest part is that NEXO still hasn't been listed on Binance. I'm 100% sure guys from Binance can't wait to list such a hot asset and eat out a significant volume from Huobi, where it's currently listed.

I guess I don't need to explain what happens to a coin when it gets listed on Binance?

BAT - The success of the Brave browser is undisputed now with daily active users passing the 2.8 million mark recently, and monthly active users now at 8 million.

One of the biggest reasons for BAT growth is that the fiat off-ramps are poorly developed at this point, so BAT will mostly be drained out of supply for a while.

When the advertising starts to pick up (especially after BAT SDK launches), there will be a huge supply crisis, which, coupled with speculative demand, will drive the price up sharply. Thanks, Felicity Morgan, for these insights!

ENJ - Enjin coin is a heavyweight when it comes to gaming assets.

The recent partnership with Microsoft made the latter use ENJ token to back its blockchain assets! It will be interesting to watch how all this end up, but ENJ team, both product, and marketing did a fantastic job in 2019. I'm seeing them only to continue this trend in 2020.

Btw, ENJ was a part of my October portfolio and is among the best blockchain gaming projects out now. Eugene Chygyryn's answer to If one had to buy and HODL 3 altcoins for 2020, what would they be?

THETA - Another great coin related to gaming that aims to solve a REAL problem with streaming services.

THETA wasn't among top performers this year; price movements were mostly antsy, leaving us with the room for steady growth in 2020.

What's interesting is that recently one of THETA's biggest partners, CJ Hello was acquired by LG! Isn't it a hint that LG is looking into THETA direction itself?

Who knows, let's see what 2020 brings for THETA.

High time for AGRESSIVE picks:

These coins I see among the top-gainers in 2020, but at the same time, they can turn out as the biggest losers of 2020, so play cautiously here!

Consider them only for the tiny part of your portfolio.

CHZ - Chiliz token - these guys were growing fast and were very active in the space! Huge partnerships, giveaways, promotional events, etc. lead them to 65,000 users.

Not too many, but not too bad for the start-up!

The most significant profit potential with CHZ will arise once a different sports team will sign partnerships and start pushing Socios (Chilliz app) to their fan bases.

Unfortunately, overall, crypto is showing a slow pace in adoption; hence all those efforts might lead to nothing if regular people find Socios challenging to use.

If you’re interested to read more about CHZ check my response: Eugene Chygyryn's answer to What is the Chiliz (CHZ) cryptocurrency? Why is it on hype now?

DREAM - Another tiny giant with 2m registered users trying to dominate the competitive aspect of esports. This project is lead by, probably, the most notable person in the industry - Alex Kokhanovsky (esforce and Na'Vi team founder). His expertise is unquestionable. He's just the right person to make this project a success.

The only arguable point here is the use case of DREAM token on the platform. In 2019 there weren't many efforts from the team to improve this aspect. However, according to the updated tokenomics, a token will be much better integrated into the platform. As a result, it should boost demand significantly.

SNX - Synthetics is revolutionizing the DeFi, and derivatives market in particular. As of now (12.26.2019) SNX has no competitors. Therefore it will have 1st mover advantage just like BTC had some time ago.

You can read more about investment opportunities with SNX here: Eugene Chygyryn's answer to What is the best DeFi project out there? Why should I invest in it?

The only drawback I see here is that DeFi and especially ones aiming for derivative products will be a sweet spot for many other Defi companies. Hence SNX team should work hard in 2020 to gain unbeatable tech and marketing advantage.

I bet this is something they're capable of, but as we all now "Trust but verify" is something that you should always keep in mind while investing.

Thanks for making this up to this point. I hope you got some valuable insights and become a little more knowledgable about decent cryptos on the market. My main goal was to spike your interest in altcoins so that you continue your own study!

You should 100% understand that crypto is a very risky venture and you always should do your own research before investing.

My answer shouldn't be treated as a guideline to buy or sell!


Altcoins is the future and Here is three out of the most promising altcoins and cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020

Ethereum- this cryptocurrency is a true outlier and it is the only crypto-currency believed by experts to be able to overtake Bitcoin Market cap in the near future. Ethereum started in 2013 and had 40x growth rate over the last two years.

It is a blue chip coin right now but still definitely worthy of the best cryptocurrency to buy and invest in 2020 tag. European investment company cryptoassetsbay.tech is accepting this coin as a form of investment with a guaranteed returns on investment after a period of time.

Its platform allows creating a smart contract that runs on a decentralized network and runs exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, fraud, censorship or any third party interface. The team behind Ethereum is really exceptional. They are doing an amazing job to show the real potential of the Ethereum. Also, the degree of adoption of Ethereum is phenomenal at the moment. Many developers are working on apps that use the potential of smart contracts. If one cryptocurrency can make it big, it’s Ethereum. If already went over 1000% over the course of couple of months and it could go 1000% more over the next few months – that much potential this cryptocurrency has.

Basic Attention Token- This project has all the ingredients required to be extremely successful and definitely should be included in any lists that cover proper altcoin investing.

The concept is awesome – connecting the publishers and advertiser without the middle man and his commission. People getting paid for their attention (hence basic attention token) and advertisers getting more awareness for their money while also having happy publishers who get more money as well (no middleman fees).

TEAM: The CEO is the creator of JavaScript as well as co-founder of Firefox and Mozilla. They brought on board a lot of people with proven track record. I personally invest on people before anything else, and this has made it a no brainer. PRODUCT: Already there, Braver Browser is awesome – I personally use it since 2 months ago and loving it for its speed and ads blocking features.

Here’s the list of some BAT funders: Founders Fund, Foundation Capital, Propel Venture Partners, Pantera Capital, DCG, Danhua Capital, and Huiyin Blockchain Venture

Those firms have a lot of interests in increasing BAT market cap and they have very deep pockets. I won’t be surprised if all of the sudden, the price just moon extremely high in a very short period of time.

The Anonize algorithm is built in a way that the user privacy is respected while publishers will be able to target effectively their users.

Monero- this is an open-source, privacy-oriented cryptocurrency and is the member of the best cryptocurrency to buy club for a long time. The developers involved introduced this innovative cryptocurrency without setting aside any for themselves. The team has relied on donations and the broader community to further development.


Binance is the token of Binance exchange having the exact name. As you know Binance is the top exchange so the coin is also popular. The growth of Binance token enhances as the exchange grow. The coin is highly connected with the exchange and in 2018 it was increased by over 100 times. Another reason for the growth of BNB is that it is listed on the famous exchanges Binance, LBank, Exrates, The Gate of Blockchain Assets Exchange, HitBTC, and Bancor Network. You can expect great profits if you invest in BNB.

After much investigations and research i have made about how to earn more profit on cryptocurrency legitimately, I will recommend CryptoExchangeFX Cryptocurrency Investment Platform (www.cryptoexchangefx,com) as it is relatively on for a while now (launched at mid-summer 2017) but has become the largest Cryptocurrency Investment Platform right now (total volume over 120 million dollars) where you get 20% profit of your invested cryptocurrency after every 10 days. It supports variety of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin and other Altcoins. I find that it has a really nice UI and support.

Let’s jump our next altcoin which is the real competitor of Ethereum, Cardano. Cardanois developed to operate with smart contracts. One of the great fact about the Cardano is that it is developed by Charles Hoskinson who was also in the development team of Ethereum. Based on the market cap Cardano boasts the 11th position among all cryptocurrencies. These are a few facts which make it an ideal altcoin to invest:

  • Cardano is listed on the top exchanges like Binance, Huoboi that can drive the growth of Cardano.
  • Cardano supports other platforms and functions with smart contracts.
  • Cardano has become more popular in Japan and Asia after delivering ATMs.
  • Many crypto experts found the same characteristic as Bitcoin and Ethereum.


  • BAT
  • XRP
  • ENJ
  • IOTA

These can be perfect altcoins but it good to have the mixed portfolio .

Not to forget

BITCOIN is the king


Top-3 best altcoins to invest in 2020

Many people know that in addition to the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, there are other coins on which you can make big money. For example, if an investor bought several coins of the Etherium cryptocurrency in 2015, you would have increased 6 times after 2 years of his savings. For people who want to make a profit, they need to invest in altcoins.

Reasons to invest in alternative cryptocurrencies

Alternative cryptocurrencies have greater growth potential than conservative ones. For example, Bitcoin can grow at most twice. You need to choose 3 cryptocurrencies in which you can invest money and make big profits.

Attention Base Token (BAT)

This token is an improved ad network. Many have heard of the Google affiliate program. To get it, you need to have a lot of traffic. What is the time, the Token of basic attention project will allow owners of social platforms to earn money from scratch? At the end of 2019, the project has about 10 million active users. The company is also actively developing the Brave Browser browser. It resembles the Safari from the Mac OS operating system. In terms of functionality, it surpasses all available browsers. It is built on blockchain technology, which allows them to use anonymously.


This project seeks to strengthen the interaction between people in highly censored countries. The main goal of the project is to simplify voice calls. The project involves many people. The project has a great future if people continue to use it.


The problems of decentralization and scaling are very important in the world of cryptocurrencies. This project seeks to solve them using a new generation blockchain. This will solve the problems that arise in Bitcoin and its followers.

Choosing these cryptocurrencies for investment, you can earn big money. Experts advise to study these projects in order to earn big money in the new 2020 year.



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