Cryptocurrency refers to the digital currency that belongs to an ever-expanding industry. The word crypto in cryptocurrency indicates the sophisticated techniques of cryptology. Cryptography ensures the security of online transactions and generates tokens or coins for taking crypto industry one step further. Although cryptocurrency started its journey with the arrival of bitcoin, now there are many coins available out there. But all the crypto share a prevailing ideology that is to decentralize the distribution network while maintaining high-security protocol regulated by the cutting edge technologies remains the top priority.

20 Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In

top cryptocurrency list

There is nothing called best cryptocurrency. But It is evident that as a pioneer, bitcoin has become the standard for the new coins currently circulating in the market. In this article, we will focus on a wide range of various cryptocurrencies in which you can start investing. Moreover, if you are in search of Bitcoin alternative investing, then you have come to the right place.

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is still a prominent cryptocurrency to invest in Today’s market. In fact, the industry of cryptocurrency could never be under the spotlight without the arrival of Bitcoin. It has already achieved the customer satisfaction by ensuring security through intelligent technologies and become the leader in this space. As most of the investors are involved with its market, bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency to start your journey in this space.

Bitcoin best cryptocurrency

Features of Bitcoin

  • Pioneer of the crypto industry and has set a standard that other cryptocurrencies must follow to stand a place in this market. 
  • Collaboration and its competency with companies like Segwit, Schnorr signatures, MAST, MimbleWimble, Bulletproofs, Confidential transactions make it almost impossible to compete. 
  • All the crypto trading platforms support Bitcoin, and you can also store your asset in many available web wallets. 
  • Security is ensured, and people can entirely rely on the sophisticated architecture that is used to protect digital assets. 
  • The best part of bitcoin is the liquidity of its market demand. If you ever want to sell your coin, you will not find any problem to find potential buyers. 

Invest in Bitcoin

2. Ethereum (ETH)

If any other crypto can be considered as bitcoin alternative, then there is none other than Ethereum. It started its journey in 2015 and has become widely popular in a very short time. You can even purchase digital assets or make a transaction using Ether – cryptographic token offered by ETH platform.

Ethereum best cryptocurrency

Features of Ethereum

  • The decentralized network helps to build smart contacts, and distributed applications can be developed without any downtime or fraud. 
  • It has the largest pool of developers around the world, and companies like  Microsoft, Intel, Chase, and J.P. Morgan are planning for expanding the business that uses Ethereum. 
  • Currently working on developing the platform so that you can also buy other cryptocurrencies using Ether. 
  • The price is at the rock bottom now. So you can buy Ethereum now to add to your portfolio and make it more impressive.
  • Several security bugs and security have been recorded. ETH bounced back smoothly by splitting into Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC). 

Invest in Ethereum

3. Zcash (ZEC)大零币

This cryptocurrency has taken place in the list of best cryptocurrency for the privacy it offers to the traders. It uses even more advanced technologies than bitcoin to ensure security. ZEC has an open-source platform, and the only difference with bitcoin is the hard limit of 21 million coins. Although it restricts the users to spend than the particular limit, it makes sure the complexity is less, and the volume of transaction is easy to handle. 

zcash top cryptocurrency

Features of Zcash

  • If we see bitcoin as the HTTP of the internet, then Zcash can be called the HTTPS of the internet. Also, provides selective transparency of transactions.  
  • Zcash delivers high-end privacy to its users. Transactions are recorded in the blockchain while the name of senders and recipients, amount remain private. 
  •  Cryptography and zk-SNARK construction techniques shield all the contents associated with each transaction.
  • You can trade anonymously which has made it a popular place for scammers although Equihash algorithm is intended to identify these activities accurately. 
  • 12.5 per block is rewarded to the miners, and the amount is halved every four years. 

Invest in Zcash

4. VeChain

While talking about the best cryptocurrency or Bitcoin alternative, VeChain is the must mentionable one. This enterprise-level crypto platform was created so that traders can leverage their coins without facing many troubles. In addition, VeChan team is working on blockchain technology, and they have a goal to implement blockchain on real-life applications. 

Vechain best cryptocurrency

Features of VeChain

  • Coins circulate automatically through self-circulating infrastructure and a scalable, trust-free, and distributed business ecosystem is also available. 
  • Started its journey as a blockchain management system and changed their vision later to expand business in the crypto industry. 
  • You can start exchanging your VeChain coins known as VeChain THOR after the arrival of their new blockchain tech. 
  • One can swap VEN for VET at a 1:1 ratio. It means if you hold only one VEN token, you will still be able to generate VET.
  • I near future, many companies will use VeChain Tokens as a smart payment currency to expand their business.  

Invest in VeChain

5. Cardano艾达币

This cryptocurrency can be compared to Ethereum. You can quickly develop decentralized applications and connect to smart contacts using this sophisticated blockchain platform offered by Cardano. This cryptocurrency emphasizes traders privacy and handles each transaction with the highest priority for maintaining security protocols. Highly efficient tech leaders and developers regulate it. 


Features of Cardano

  • If you want to become a long term investor, then you should choose this currency as you can not complete the life cycle within a few months only. 
  • Developers are working to introduce a smart contract system language for enabling self-circulating techniques and increasing efficiency.
  • It is known for its transaction speed. At the same time, it brings light on scalability, interoperability, and reliability.
  • A multi-layered platform maintains Ada cryptocurrency offered by Cardano and easily upgradable. 
  • Liquidity of the market alongside the elasticity of the platform has made it very popular among the traders. 
  • Ada crypto needs much less computing power. It generates several blocks at a time where bitcoin generates only one at a time. 

Invest in Cardano

6. Monero 门罗币

The people who are extremely concerned about privacy and want to complete crypto transaction without exposing then Monero can be the best cryptocurrency to invest for them. It holds a significant market share of the crypto industry and operating in the market for the last ten years. Monero is used in deep web and considered impossible to be traced. It focuses on maintaining high privacy and renders top-notch security for the traders. 


Features of Monero

  • Highly suitable and top cryptocurrency for the people who value their privacy and digital assets. 
  • This crypto is safe for the investors and backed by the cutting edge technologies like Ring signatures, RingCT, Kovri, and Stealth addresses.
  • Monero can be an excellent enhancement to your portfolio because of its flat inflation rate, which is relatively lower than the others. 
  • You can store your XMR safely, and there are several Monero wallets available out there where you can collect your funds.
  • The always-on privacy feature in Monero makes the transactions secured, and every user performs for strengthening the privacy mechanisms. 
  • Automatic adaptive block size limit has added an extra advantage. It can increase the size of the block freely to accommodate the high volume of transactions.

Invest in Monero

7. Tezos(XTZ)

Tezos started rolling in this space by raising $232 million in its ICO. Although it is considered one of the best cryptocurrency and Bitcoin alternative nowadays, it has gone through several shaky situations. But each time they bounced back stronger than ever and operating proudly in the market. It has also gained a strong position by establishing itself as a competitor of Ethereum. The platform is dynamic and uses to use even for the newcomers. 


Features of Tezos

  • Already launched mainnet and has taken all the actions to be the next dominant platform for decentralized applications and smart contracts for the investors. 
  •  It is powered by blockchain technology which can upgrade itself with time. 
  • Introduces on-chain governance, a self-alteration system, an authorized record of stake algorithm.
  • You will not need to hold coins. Instead, you can only spend from your staked coins and never go bankrupt. 
  • The viability of the project is higher, and Tezos renders both ICO and staking reward for the foundation. 

Invest in Tezos

8. Litecoin(莱特币)

Litecoin cryptocurrency is one of the prominent altcoins operating in the market for over eight years. It was created to complement Bitcoin as silver to Bitcoin’s gold. It is often difficult for investors to choose one from Bitcoin and Litecoin as they are pretty similar. Litecoin focuses on decreasing the transaction time by generating blocks rapidly and several at a time. Started the run with a vision to become one of the top cryptocurrencies and achieved the goal successfully.  

Litecoin top cryptocurrency

Features of Litecoin

  • Litecoin is entirely maintained by an open-source platform and regular by sophisticated cryptographic protocol. 
  • Processes large volume of transaction well. Technologies like Frequent block generations and Segregated witnesses can handle multiple transactions at a time.
  • Scrypt algorithm makes it more accessible to the new miners while you do not have to worry about hardware-based mining using AISIC.
  • Supported by large communities and used in online transactions that include ATM, eCommerce payment, and so on. 
  • Total up to about 84 billion coins are available in stock which results in higher profit margins and less competition for the miners. 
  • Besides, flexibility and exchangeable with other cryptocurrencies have helped it to take place in the list of best cryptocurrency.

Invest in Litecoin

9. Ripple(瑞波币)

This is another safe cryptocurrency and Bitcoin alternatives as it has enabled banks to complete international transactions at real-time. Besides low service cost and end-to-end transparency have made it much popular among investors all over the world. Different methods that Ripple use for maintaining high-end security is simple and set it apart from bitcoin and other altcoins. Poloniex and Kraken are the two best platforms for exchanging ripples.

ripple crypto

Features of Ripple

  • Ripple does not use blockchain like the most cryptocurrency available out there. Instead, it uses a distributed consensus mechanism powered by network servers for validating transactions.
  • Ripple’s payment gateway is similar to banks. For updating ledgers, it uses the same protocol that the banks use for online credit or payments. 
  • It is one of the safest cryptocurrencies to invest as Ripple is already adopted by many banks such as MUFG, BBVA, SEB, Akbank, Axis Bank, Yes bank, and so on.
  • Security is strong and emphasized. Rather than relying on miners, you will need to trust a gateway and the technologies involved with it.
  • Has a goal to distribute the value for empowering the business and increase the liquidity in the market for the traders. 

Invest in Ripple

10. EOS(柚子)

This top cryptocurrency has earned a positive response from the traders in a short time. To digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation, EOS emphasizes on smart contracts just like Ethereum. Alongside this, EOS also focuses on expanding the use of digital currency globally to expand the market of cryptocurrency. Through the process of sustainable innovation, EOS has gained an extra advantage over most of its competitors. 

eos bitcoin

Features of EOS

  • You can build multi-functional dApps using the decentralized platform offered by EOS. As a result, you can complete transactions on so many platforms using EOS coins. 
  • Every cryptocurrency which uses blockchain technology takes an associated cost with each transaction. But there is no additional cost required if you consider EOS as your currency.
  • Voting system governance allows the user to be a part of its core and participate in voting when it comes to change any rule or regulation.
  • Helping developers to build dApps. As a result, the demand for EOS is increasing day by day through the community of developers and investors. 
  • You can arrange ICO at any time on EOS platform, and this is what has made EOS so popular among the traders.
  • As one of the best cryptocurrency, it is self-sufficient and automatically generates rewards for the block producers.  

Invest in EOS

11. Bancor(BNT)

Bancor is a decentralized network and has redesigned the way how people think, create, and share value. Liquidity is rare in the cryptocurrency market, and you can not really predict the result accurately in most of the cases. But Bancor has reshaped the process of crypto trading. Being trustworthy and reliable it has already engaged many traders and continue to grow for expanding the use of cryptocurrency around the world.

bancor cryptocurrency

Features of Bancor

  • Undoubtedly Bancor coin is one of the safest cryptocurrencies to invest in today’s world because of the trend it follows. 
  • The main advantage of Bancor smart token is continuous liquidity. It can automate the sell and buy orders which have taken it to one step ahead.
  • Generates Network which holds the combined value of the actual reserve. If the demand of smart token increases, the value for network tokens also increases. 
  •  Liquidating and Purchasing is always done based on smart contracts which ensure the liquidity in the market and independent of trading volumes. 
  • Algorithms do price calculation, and the blockchain fees are relatively low than the other best cryptocurrency available out there. 

Invest in Bancor

12. Nexo

Nexo is different from all the other cryptocurrencies that have been described so far. Where others are the crypto or digital assets offered by various platforms, Nexo enables traders to take crypto loans using their digital currency. Millions of users of FinTech group back nexo. As the roadmap is clear to the users and opens diversifying opportunities that can be achieved by owning cryptos, Nexo has earned people’s trust in quick time and operating smoothly.

Nexo top cryptocurrency

Features of Nexo

  • Nexo opens a new way of using cryptocurrency rather than only selling and buying.
  • You can take a loan or real cash by holding your digital assets as collateral instantly while you will have full access to your cryptos. 
  • The business model is unique and straightforward but ensures liquidity by automatic, flexible, and cost-efficient process and powered by the user’s assets.
  • Nexo oracle module, sophisticated cryptography, and algorithmic procedures are used to maintain a high level of transparency. 
  • You will not need to pay any transaction, platform, or withdrawal fees, which will eventually reduce the cost of tax.
  • ERC20 based coins can be collected on any wallets that are compatible with Ethereum. 

Invest in Nexo

13. Dash达世币

Dash is known as darkcoin. Those investors who want to sell & buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies without exposing their information, Dash is probably the best cryptocurrency for them. No other cryptocurrencies have experienced such a successful venture like Dash. After starting a business in 2014, it went through many changes, but the functionalities and features are still the same. Instead, they are continuously furnished and regulated by an experienced team led by Evan Duffield.  

dash cryptocurrency

Features of Dash

  • Unlike bitcoin, the blockchain mining operation is divided into two parts which are Master Node and Miners. 
  • Masternode is responsible for making transactions quick like real cash exchange and providing high-end security. 
  • PrivateSend enables tradesmen to complete transaction privately, and there is no way to trace Dash transaction and the associated information. 
  • You will not need to wait for confirming or processing your transaction if you use the feature InstantSend offered by Dash.
  • The network is much more decentralized than most of the coins, and also mass adoption strategy adds extra value. 
  • $2.5 million monthly budget for sustaining development also shows the commitment of Dash, which will help to expand the industry more than ever. 

Invest in Dash

14. Neo 小蚁

Neo has taken the idea of Ethereum and intended to improve the foundation by incorporating their vision and mission into its business model. This top cryptocurrency focuses on decentralized blockchain and has already got the reputation of “Ethereum Killer.” It is also known as Chinese Ethereum, which ultimately helps the Asian people to adopt this as a Bitcoin alternative. Everyone believes, Neo will take over the dominance from bitcoin in Asian Countries. They are currently working on Smart Contract 2.0 and partnered with many Chinese Certification Authorities. 

Neo best cryptocurrency

Features of Neo

  • While other cryptocurrencies are based on a proof of service concept, the business model of Neo is based on proof of work.
  • Introduces a smart economy through which you can even place your physical assets in blockchain and earn profits transparently. 
  • Public Key Infrastructure helps business and financial organization to register who can buy or sell Neo coins.
  • There is an added advantage if you invest in Neo, which is Gas. You can earn up to 0.03411 Gas per year by holding 100 Neo in your wallet.
  • Unlike Ethereum, you can build your own ecosystem using NEO without any knowledge of programming, which is very helpful for the developers and general investors also.

Invest in Neo

15. Bitcoin Cash比特现金

Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency as it holds the maximum share of the market. But the major problem of the bitcoin is the high time required to process transactions. It takes around 10 minutes for completing a trade. Bitcoin cash was intended to solve this problem. It can play the role of bitcoin classic. By creating larger blocks, it can complete more transactions at a time. It has got the benefit of taking only the right sides of the top cryptocurrency bitcoin.

bitcoin cash cryptocurrency

Features of Bitcoin Cash

  • As created by developers and bitcoin miners, Bitcoin Cash is more scalable and flexible.
  • Introduces 8mb block size to boost the speed of transaction verification process regardless of the number of miners available to mine. 
  • Bitcoin charges $8 – $15as commissions while the rate of Bitcash is pretty lower, which is $0,05 – $0,010.
  • Although even Bitcoin Cash experiences unconfirmed deals which can reach up to 200 – 250 sometimes but in Bitcoin, this queue may reach 7,000 – 10,000.
  • Volatility rate is much higher, and it is almost impossible to predict the price. Also, there is a problem of automatic control which is unsolved till date. 
  • It is usually used as a speculative tool. Besides, investors do not consider it as a potential asset, although it has a goal of making even larger blocks to increase speed. 

Invest in Bitcoin Cash

16. IOTA埃欧塔

A next-generation intelligent platform supports IOTA cryptocurrency. It is designed to help the Internet of Things (IoT), enables secured trading and protects the unlimited stream of data. Although miners maintain the operation, the security protocol of IOTA is much more different than the traditional blockchain technology. Data access management. Data control and Data protection through encryption are also responsible for the popularity of IOTA. 

IOTA top cryptocurrency

Features of IOTA

  • The transaction is mapped onto an entire network and offers native technology called Tangled, which is more efficient and requires less processing power for each operation.
  • Forces users to use only the native platform for the transactions, which dramatically decreases the confirmation time for the customers. 
  • Enables users to make small payments using IOTA as it takes little or no charge for a small transaction.
  • The processing speed increases with the size of new subscribers. Its business module is designed to process within zero-second after the specific data size is achieved.
  • IOTA removes Tangible dilemma which is faced by organizations when they want to integrate blockchain technology in auditable applications.

Invest in IOTA

17. Tether

Tether has become one of the best cryptocurrency to invest. This cryptocurrency is very special. It solves the major problem of this industry by removing the volatility and rendering stable coins. Currently, only USDT is available in the market. But Japan and England are planning to publish their own coins very soon. As all the tokens are regulated by tether foundation, it enables users to exchange Tether across various platforms. 

tether best cryptocurrency

Features of Tether

  • Price is powered by USD and is equivalent as well. You will get 1:1 USD for each Tether token. 
  • Protects users from volatility and shared all the transactions with its users. It has helped to reaffirm the trust of people in the crypto industry again. 
  • Uses blockchain technology similar to bitcoin, which is already relied on by so many people. 
  • All other cryptocurrencies can only be used during online payment. But Tether can also be found as electronic form as it is a fiat currency. 
  • There is almost no market fear if you invest in Tether. Unlike other digital currencies, the price will never fall whatever happens in the market. 
  • KYC and AML documents must be provided for making a transaction. If one fails to do so, he/she will not be allowed to initiate trading. 

Invest in Tether

18. Stellar恒星币

Stellar cryptocurrency emphasizes on enabling users for pairing between any cryptocurrencies. It also allows the user to exchange their assets globally. Stellar is basically a platform that offers Lumens cryptocurrency. If you are an investor, want to get a good amount of return and planning for a long term project that Stellar is the best cryptocurrency for you. It is a global exchange network that processes thousands of exchanges between currencies and tokens per second.

stellar best cryptocurrency

Features of Stellar

  • A minimum transaction fee of 0.00001 is charged with every transaction, which ensures minimum account balances are always kept. 
  • As Stellar is scalable, it automatically renders the best combination of transaction fees, trades per second, and average agreement time of the blockchain technology. 
  • Liquidity is facilitated by validating $DALA and ZAR, UGX, USD, and also the latest currencies when they are live. 
  • Stellar is building a marketplace for digital goods and services where you can use the stellar currency for trading. 
  • The stellar protocol is valuable and sophisticated. The system will be developed and become more secure over time.

Invest in Stellar

It is an oracle blockchain project that was created to connect cryptocurrency with real-world applications. Open-source API helps the developers to build multi-functional software and web platform to improve the crypto market. It focuses on establishing a bridge between the popular payment gateways like Paypal and Payoneer, banks like HSBC and Wells Fargo and blockchain technology like Bitcoin and Ethereum. From the beginning of its journey, it is working to enhance the adoption of digital currency all over the world. 

best cryptocurrency

Features of Chainlink

  • It uses the power of data science and can apply external data sources into the blockchain network for creating smart contracts.
  • Agreement between the traders remains protected, and chainlink technology ensures the zero percent occurrence of fraudulent activities. 
  • Multiple information is handled by a single node in the chainlink network for which the cost of processing a large volume of data raises and becomes costly. 
  • On-chain and off-chain architectural design were developed to help the newcomers in this space and to motivate many businesspeople to invest. 
  • Partnership with companies like Web3, Polkadot, OpenLaw, Swift network portrays the bright future of Chainlink. Undoubtedly it has the potential to become the best cryptocurrency. 

Invest in Chainlink

20. Dogecoin狗狗币

As a peer to peer open source platform, Dogecoin started its journey as a joke currency.  Although it has been less than 5 years, Dogecoin is in this market; it has already earned a positive reputation among the competitors. It was created to replace the traditional form of online electronic cash and make digital payment easier. Although the security of blockchain technology is always questionable, Dogecoin has never been hacked or attacked by the scammers. 

Dogecoin best cryptocurrency

Features of Dogecoin

  • The block times are exceptionally short. Besides, fast and negligible transaction fees help even the micro investors to complete small trades frequently.
  • Usability to complete any kind of online payment makes it accessible for general use. Also, you can exchange it with other cryptocurrencies. 
  • Real-life implications like paying bills have added more value to its business. 
  • Dogecoin is the top cryptocurrency to fiat rapidly, and also keeping fees is close to invincible. 
  • It has already engaged a large community. It is already handling some great projects which clearly shows the roadmap and increase the demand as well.  

Invest in Dogecoin

Finally, The Insights

Some experienced stock market specialists assume that cryptocurrency is going to take over traditional currency system in no time. Although cryptocurrency emerged when bitcoin successfully attracted many people to invest in this space, now there are many digital currencies available in the market. There is nothing called best cryptocurrency as the market is volatile and not stable yet. If you want to avoid a significant loss, you must conduct enough research, explore the platforms, and follow the active communities before investing in a cryptocurrency.



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